Occupational Therapy for Children with a Difference


We help children and families by providing a vast array of Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology Services in the South East of Melbourne. Our approach combines fun personalised activities and outcome-based theories proven in practice to improve your functioning in life, help better engagement with people, and reestablishment of health.

We use fun activities (not all physical) to distract and keep you engaged – you won’t even know you’re in therapy.
We are confident we can help you or your loved ones learn to maximise life early.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy

Occupational & Speech Pathology Therapy

Occupation is everything your child does to function in the world. Our team of Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists work with people when they have developmental delay, or when they interpret the world differently. A child’s “occupation” centres around play and learning.

At Fired Up People, we provide occupational therapy for kids with any condition, disability or impairment that affects their ability to perform everyday activities.

Children who might need occupational therapy and speech pathology, including but not limited to:

  • Autism / Aspergers
  • Mental health or behavioural problems, including building resilience
  • Developmental delays;
  • Behavioural Disorders
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Communication difficulties of any kind
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • DCD/Dyspraxia
  • ADHD
  • Birth injuries or birth defects
  • Genetic Disorders (down syndrome, William’s, Angelman’s etc.)
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Traumatic injuries (brain or spinal cord)
  • Learning difficulties

If you want to have a chat today about your child, contact us today for a FREE consultation with one of our paediatric occupational therapists.

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Occupational Therapy - Sensory

Our programs are focussed on


  • Help children achieve their developmental milestones such as fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to help with play, school or independent skills (e.g. throwing a ball, getting dressed, holding a pen or utensil)
  • Help children improve their communication which in turn helps the family work more cohesively
  • Work on fine motor skills so children can grasp and release toys, fasten buttons, tie shoelaces and develop good handwriting skills. School readiness groups and individualised therapy available
  • Educate and involve parents, carers and others to facilitate the development and learning of children
  • Help children with developmental delays learn everyday tasks (such as bathing, getting dressed, brushing their teeth, and feeding themselves)
  • Help children with behavioural issues maintain positive behaviours in all environments (e.g. instead of hitting others or acting out, using positive ways to deal with anger, such as writing about feelings or participating in a physical activity)
  • Address hand–eye coordination and gross motor skills to improve kids' play and school skills (hitting a target, batting a ball, copying from a whiteboard, etc.
  • Assess your child for an array of conditions using standardised testing
  • Provide reports to your Paediatrician or other leading practitioner
  • Develop and implement in clinic and home-based programs to help your child, you or your family to maximise life.
  • Teach children with physical disabilities the coordination skills needed to feed themselves, use a computer, access the community, travel training or increase the speed and legibility of their handwriting.
  • Evaluate a child's need for specialised equipment i.e. adaptive equipment, bathing equipment, dressing devices, or communication aids and how to access them i.e. head switching etc.
  • Work with children who have sensory and attentional issues to improve focus and social skills.

We offer a different delivery of Occupational Therapy and Speech services via fun activity-based therapy.
It is so fun people don’t even know they’re in therapy.


What can we help you with?

We can help you with a vast array of occupational therapy services, including, but not limited to:

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We offer a different delivery of Occupational Therapy and Speech services via fun activity-based therapy by a paediatric occupational therapist.

It is so fun that most members don’t even know they’re in therapy.

Occupational Therapy Groups

Social Group Occupational Therapy

Here at Fired Up People we are big fans of group work. Groups are a great alternative to individual therapy and for many of the people we work with offer the opportunity to develop and practice new skills amongst peers.

We have a range of groups throughout terms and some concentrated programs during School Holidays.

Groups are tailored according to the skills and needs of the children in the group, so content and activities are flexible.

Available group programs include social skills and school readiness.

Check out our group calendar for our next sessions. (Please Note: Groups will only run with adequate numbers)

Register Your Interest Now We are confident we can help you or your loved ones learn to maximise life early.

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We are confident we can help you or your loved ones learn to maximise life early.

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