Online Treatment

Online Treatment

We can offer online treatment for both Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy if you live regionally and/or would prefer not to come into the clinic.

We offer two online treatment programs or can customise an online treatment program to work around your needs

Our online treatment programs are:

Essentials Package

The Essentials Package is the minimum package to ensure your child maintains their therapy program and continues to grow. The package includes:

  • 1x 30minute Video Conference session with our highly experienced Therapist
  • Handouts provided prior to the session
  • Worksheets provided prior to the session
  • Summary email post session

The Essential Package is designed to be delivered weekly and can be charged to your plan manager.

Essentials Plus Package

The Essentials Plus Package is designed to extend your child and keep pushing those boundaries. It is more physically orientated and teaches you as a parent how to work with your child (as your therapist normally would in a face to face session). These sessions give you all you need to you’re your child actively involved in their therapy program and to empower you as a parent. Once trained you can run that session again and again during the week/fortnight. This package includes:

  • 25 Min Parent/Therapist call to prepare for the session.
  • Summary email for your reference
  • 30 Min video conference session with you and your child
  • Summary email of session

The Essential Plus Package is designed to be updated fortnightly (as opposed to weekly) but can be updated weekly if required.

You may need to purchase some equipment for these sessions (your therapist will let you know) – these can be claimed on your NDIS.

There is an online treatment option for additional phone call and handouts which can be discussed with your therapist

Contact our Therapists now to discuss how Online Treatment could work for you and your loved one.

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