Occupational Therapy For Autism

Occupational therapy for autism primarily used to help children with autism and to stay calm, think things through and plan tasks so that they can succeed in social and learning situations.

Autism Therapy tends to focus on Sensory Integration. Kids often have trouble controlling their senses. Additionally, they may struggle with activities that require fine motor skills. Sensory integration therapy helps children stabilize their senses.

Book a Fired-Up People Occupational Therapist and they will start by showing kids how to perform certain exercises that can improve balance, hand-eye coordination, and responses to sounds or touches. The idea is that if you can better control your senses, you can better regulate your movements and emotions.


Our Occupational Therapists Help Autistic Children With Social Skills & Behavioural Training

Most kids and adults with Autism don’t have problems with language, but they may not know how to express their thoughts and feelings appropriately. We use social skills training to help individuals learn ways to interact with peers.

Fired Up People also have Support Group programs, or support groups to help kids and adults with Autism work on social skills in a safe environment.

Autism Therapy is not just a one to one program. We will often implement holistic Family therapies. Parent training can equip caregivers with the skills they need to assist. Autism Therapists can help those who interact with the child most incorporate treatment strategies, such as social skills training and behavioural training, at home.

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Getting The Best Results 

To get the best results from autism therapy services you may want to consider combining both Occupational Therapy for Autism with Speech-language therapy. Another useful way to improve communication skills. Fired Up People have an expert Speech Pathologist that can help kids recognize certain gestures and figures of speech. It can also lead to improved eye contact.

At Fired Up People our Autism therapists provide sensory processing, fine and gross motor therapy to all children living on the spectrum. Our senior OT's specialise in Moderate to severe Autism and intellectual disabilities. During Autism Therapy our OT’s will be able to use AAC devices and create functional and achievable goals for therapy. 

NDIS assessments, support letters and outcome reports available.

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